It is an honor to welcome you to the Youth Haven Ambassador Circle.
The Ambassador Circle was established to allow supporters the opportunity to volunteer one on one with the children and teens, get to know more about Youth Haven with regard to our mission and campus, attend special events and luncheons and participate in as many volunteer capacities as the member should wish.
With our initial launch in early November 2021, we now have over 100
Ambassador Circle members. Since inception we have escorted the youth on
Christmas shopping trips, hosted a gingerbread house and cookie decorating
party on campus, wrapped presents, gathered presents/gift cards from residents within our communities, escorted youth on post holiday shopping trips, hosted a Valentine Party and a beach day. Additionally, members have enjoyed a Meet and Greet and a summer gathering celebrating the milestone of our first 100 members.
There is a busy calendar of events planned for the 2022-23 season for
Ambassador Circle members including opportunities to participate in the youth activities.
Beginning December 1st, current and new Ambassador Circle members may join for 2023. Your payment of $300.00 will ensure a non-transferrable ticket to the Cherish the Children Luncheon. The annual luncheon will be held on January 18, 2023 at The Ritz Carlton at Tiburon.
Again, we welcome you and appreciate your decision to be a member of the
Ambassador Circle.
Kind regards,
Lee Willis and Amy Lytle
Lee Willis Chairperson of Youth Haven's Ambassador Circle
Lee Willis, Co-chair
Amy Lytle, Co-chair
Kimberly Anderson Founding Member
Louise Bernardon Founding Member
Katharine Ullyatt-Chenciner Founding Member
Ingrid Goldoni Aielli Founding Member
Christina Linaberry Founding Member


To fully embrace the Ambassador Circle experience, we encourage members to
sign up for one of the committees below.


Thank you for your interest in joining the Youth Haven Ambassador Circle. Please review the membership agreement below for more details.

For more details, please call Jen at (239) 687-5171 or email


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